Text 11 Apr 12 notes Rebecca Black releases new single called LOL.



It’s actually really good. I’m surprised.


Sons of bitches. Haha!

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Text 24 Mar Hi… It’s been a while. This meme has died. I’ve moved on.

I’ve started a new project involving Minecraft and Harry Potter.

I’ve taken on the burden of re-creating Hogwarts and it’s surrounding areas in Minecraft.


Feel free to follow if you’re interested 

Link 11 Mar 28 notes mi little blog: harry potter is just like a cheep Twilight!!!!»


i was searchin tha intrenet and i came across sum stuff about sum shit book called harry potter by JRR tolkien or sum shit like that

i red some of the plot stuff (I was bord lol) and its exactly like Twilight.

This JRR person (Y ARE YOU NOT USING UR REEL NAME?) has like stolen charactors from…

oh Jesus guys.

Already posted this on my personal, but I feel you guys need to know. 

Video 7 Mar 16 notes
Text 2 Mar Hey guys… sorry I’ve not used this tumblr in a while but please come see me in BlogTV :D
Photo 9 Feb 2 notes you are all beautiful.(also, telling some other beautiful people to come here would be nice too *pleads* ) 

you are all beautiful.

(also, telling some other beautiful people to come here would be nice too *pleads* ) 

Photo 9 Feb 5 notes http://maydayz.tumblr.com
Text 8 Feb 1 note

Anonymous said: this is a stupid idea and you're stupid and british and you smell and you're too tall and uh. YOU'RE A TERRIBLE VLOGER.

I love you too.

Text 8 Feb

fyeahhipsterlittlemermaid said: DUDE. FOR REAL.
I meant did you get any more from my putting up the link?

oh right. I got 3 more… not including you.

Text 8 Feb

fyeahhipsterlittlemermaid said: Other mermaids are too mainstream.

ALSO. Get more followers? And I literally cannot find any interesting foods unless you want me to eat taco flavored tortilla chips. Or crisps.

What do you mean ‘get more followers’? am I not Tumblr-famous enough for you?

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